You can use the Wikia Editor tools to modify the appearance of text to help format, highlight or call out particular areas of interest.


  • Once you click the edit button and enter the Wikia editor, you will see this toolbar on top of the page.
Pilt:Editor toolbar.png

  • Highlight the text you wish to modify with your cursor, and then choose:
    • Pakskiri to make the text bold.
    • Kaldkiri1 to make the text italic.
    • Allajoonitud tekst to underline the text.
    • Läbikriipsutatud tekst to strike-through the text.
  • To return to normal text mode, re-highlight the text and click on the active button to unselect it.

Editing in Source Mode Edit

  • If you wish to edit in source mode, you can format your content using Wikitext.

Next StepsEdit

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