Admin Dashboard is a contained, centralized space that highlights the most important tools used by admins. Special:SpecialPages was built into it to make Admin Dashboard the go to place for admins and founders to control and monitor their wiki.


The Admin Dashboard is a feature on all wikis you have founded or are an admin (sysop) on. It can be found by clicking on 'Admin' in the universal Toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

Once you are on Admin Dashboard there are a few access points to exit to various areas on your wiki:

  • Wiki Nav links out to numerous places within your wiki depending on the navigation
  • The wordmark takes you to the main page of your wiki
  • The help link takes you to Help pages .

How It WorksEdit

Pilt:Community Central Dashboard - Wikia Community Central.jpg
Basic admin tools that are used often live on the "General" tab, under 3 sections:
  • Wiki: Theme Designer, Recent Changes, Top Navigation, and Wiki Features
  • Community: User List, User Rights, Community Corner, Help.
  • Content: All Categories, Add a Page, Add a Photo, Add a Blog Post, Multiple Photo Upload.

These tools will no longer live in Special:SpecialPages, as not to be redundant.

The "Advanced" tab is home to Special:SpecialPages:

  • If you visit a wiki that you are not an admin of you will see Special:SpecialPages in its old format.
  • Admin specific tools on Special:SpecialPages are no longer in bold.
  • There are specific, excluded Special:SpecialPages that will not open within the admin dashboard skin.

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